Samstag, 28. November 2009

various creativeness

I'm not really good with blogging :s

... but I'm having a creative phase- here are some results (bad bad picture quality, since my real fotomachine disappeared mysteriously last week)

Speculaas with Pauline! and yes, we do have a slight obsession with literature.

Some texts and thoughts from the last year, now bundled and with "title": De Leukste Halte. over denken in tijden

new buttons for my collection :) De Kringwinkel is such a treasure box if you're willing to spend some time there!

A cup I painted myself on a nice afternoon with naomi, max and mit.

scarf in progress, the colours are nicer in daylight, it are stripes in blue-greenish wool, a thick one for the winter..

home-made pencilcase in cutey-pink. Too bad you can't see the real colour (or any details at all..)

collage. it's one you have to read, it's rather a poem actually. about feelings, modernism, falling apart.

project with naomi: we refurbished a crappy 2nd-hand chair and the result is really nice :) the curtains in the background are selfmade as well.

.... and this is one of the many advent-calenders i worked on in the past weeks. There is one little bag for every day, filled with yummy things and little presents, from the 1st of December until the 24th, to make the waiting for Christmas ever so sweet :)

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